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October 2015

Portrait Practice

I wanted to practice doing some portraits, so I decided to draw the parents of one of my newer characters, because I think I might do something with them 🙂

They are Ethan, a lawyer and Ariana, a doctor and they are the parents of Dai,(an image here) and this is how they looked in their younger days, they won’t look much different when they’re older though.

I like they’re design, and I might make minor changes. I wanted to give Ethan facial hair, but it didn’t seem to suit him, I might darken his hair a little so it’s more different to Dai’s and maybe the facial hair would suit him, maybe. I think that the portraits turned out, but I think Ethan’s portrait came out best. Also next time I’ll add a background to make things more interesting.

The characters and the art belong to me

I hope you all like it.


Museum Sketches

We went to the local museum to do sketches of the exhibits. It was a nice place and had some interesting exhibits, and it’s a place I’d go back again to do sketches. I want to go back and see the bridal exhibit when it opens in November.

My sketches:

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008

I’m so sorry for the poor quality photographs, I’ll try and get better one soon.

Life Drawing 2

2nd week of life drawing, the model that week was Mick. I only have a few drawings due not being there for the whole session, due to ill health.


Close up of some very quick gesture drawings, done in Charcoal and pencil. I liked drawing these but I ran out of room and I didn’t want to over lap.DSC02287

A few quick figure drawings done in pen, charcoal, and pencil.

Both of these were done on A2 paper.

Inktober 2015

This year I’ve been taking part in the Inktober and I’m doing this was my 9th drawing. To see more of the work, they can be found on my Tumblr and on my Instagram

I posted it quite late, but I was unwell for most of Saturday and I wanted to make it look good, and I’m glad that I did. Tried some new things with this one and tried to push myself, like drawing on a tan piece of paper and I tried to get an interesting pose and draw a different angle 🙂 but some of the detail is lost. Since I’ve started doing Inktober I’ve gotten better and more confidence in traditional art ^^ It’s not perfect, but I like it ^^

This is my character, her name is Azlyn and she’s from a story I am working on.

Value Drawings

In this class we worked on value drawings. We used a B pencil.Value studies (1)

We were asked to draw a sphere and chose a light source for it and then draw it, without using any lines, we were aloud to have a gentle out line as a guide. The same thing with this next drawing, we were asked to recreate the drawing that was on a hand out, and I really like how it turned out.

Value studies (2)

but I do miss my scanner, I might upload better photos when I can.

Life Drawing

These photos are from our first life drawing lesson. Our model on that day was Maurice.IMG_1996This was done on A2 paper and in charcoal using our non-dominant hand, which for me would be the left. It’s not as detailed as it would have been with my right hand but I like how it’s turned out and that it looks more or less correct. I didn’t find it that difficult because I’ve broken my right arm on numerous occasions so I can use my left fairly well.


These are work done in my little sketch book, the top two is of our model and they were done in the lesson, bottom one is work I did at home and they’re of various parts of my own anatomy.

I really enjoy life drawing classes, and I look forward to more, but I didn’t enjoy the crowded room and having to work on other peoples work.


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