We had a workshop making stamps with rubbers. We were given some rubbers to carve a shape out with a scalpel. We would make a sketch and then transfer it onto the rubber, to make it easier to carve out. I enjoyed doing these stamps, it was a relaxing process to do, I couldn’t carve the stamp all that tidily so it took me a bit longer to do it and to make it look right and good enough for me.

We were given the task to make a little book in groups and make little prints in them. The group I was in we had the natural world to work with. I really liked the theme and I’m glad we got it.

These are the two little pages I made, one with footprints of various kinds and some text to show co-inhabiting the planet and that we should look after it, I think I should  have made another human foot as it would look better and I think it could have looked better on a bigger scale. The second one is a simple silhouette of birds on a wire in front of a blue sky, it was made from a single long rubber, if I were to make it again I would have a second or more stamps with more birds to add verity. This one was my favourite and I would like to make it bigger.

Stamp art (1) Stamp art (2)