Over the period of this unit we have covered quite a few processes of creating art and how to research over the course of several workshops.

We developed how to process and come up with ideas by creating vast mind maps that spiralled to many different directions from a simple and mundane object, and then going into further detail by following a branch off the first brainstorm. Research was then carried out on the whole second brainstorm.  Our original item was a pair of sunglasses and then we had the second brainstorm on the government which lead to me researching renewable energy and pollution. The workshop went well as I was able to get a lot of ideas and source for more research from and seemingly item.

We had a two week brief to create a collage on the topic of urban improvement.  I chose to go with changing a small element of the urban environment, the street lighting, changing them from oranges and yellows to blues, based on a fact I had seen a few years earlier and the positive effects it had on the areas it had been implemented. I don’t think the end result turned out very well and that it could have turned out a lot better. I struggled to get the right images for it or to get it to work, but I did try and make it a bit 3D, or less flat by placing small chunks of cardboard to make certain parts stand out.

There were two weeks of transfer printing, the first one didn’t turn out that well, but the second turned out much better. We think that having a different type of ink of the transfers could have made it work much better or that there could have been something missing to the process. The second method, I would need to remember to keep in mind what parts would be transparent and not have any colour to transfer to the selo tape if I were to do it again in future, as that was the only problem I encountered doing this method, I liked the method of combining the transfer print and the painted back ground.

The rubber stamp and roller printing had very similar processes to them, and that it was an enjoyable process to work with and I really like the outcome of the work, especially the rubber stamping. The only thing that let the work down was my own ability to roll the print with roller, I think it would have turned out much better with someone else rolling it other than myself. I’m considering making my own rubber stamps at some point.

The overall unit went well, some things turning out better than others, and I enjoyed some more than others also. I have learnt new processes and some that I could do more work with later on at some point.

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