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Illustration Student


December 2015

The final Giffs

Here are my final giffs, First one is for Pizzashack and the second is to encourage people to go to the zoo.

Pizzashack.gifCome to the Zoo.gif

(The looked better on my computer)

I think they’ve turned out well and I think they look good, but by the end of the tiger one, I did regret choosing a tiger/going with such a complex design and could have saved myself a lot of trouble by stylizing it more.

Pizzashack has 33 frames and the speed ranges from 50 to 150 ms

Come to the Zoo has 26 frames and speed range from 50 to 200 ms


Animation Test

We’ve been tasked to make two short gifts selected from a list. Here are some very short and rough tester pieces just to see how it would look and just to get it right before I start doing them properly.

Suddenly Tiger.gifSpin Test.gif

The one in blue is made up with three frames set at 120 ms and the one in purple made with 9 frames and the ms of the frames ranges from 50 to 125. I think they move quite smoothly, I need to work on keeping the consistency of each image the same.

Les Mis Sketches

(drew these a few days ago and thought I’d post it here, linked in with the draw to music post)

I’ve watched clips and songs from “Les Miserable” on repeat for the past few days ^^; and so I was inspired to draw these, based on one of my favourite songs, ‘One day more’ but with some of my characters. Alaine as Cosette, Dai as Marius and Andre as Enjolras. I only did ‘one day more’ because I don’t know which of my characters would be the other characters.

I chose Andre as Enjolras because, they’re both patriotic. Andre is not French, he’s Tahitian (French Polynesian) and his mother is French-Nigerian so he is many shades of French XD I chose Dai as Marius because they’re both sweet and that in the film Enjolras and Marius seem to be good friends, but Dai and Andre are even better friends, best friends 😀 I don’t think that my characters are a perfect fit for those parts, but I had fun doing this.

I tried out a few new techniques on all of these and drawings.

I used screenshots for this as something of a simple study, and I like how it’s turned out, much better than I thought it would do.

One Day More  - Les Mis AU!Alaine and Dai

I tried a blockier type of colouring to try and be quick and I wanted to try this composition, and I quite like how it’s turned out, but I think I’d use a different kind of brush next time and that I might change Andres pose a little, make it more dynamic.


One Day More - Les Mis AU!Andre and Dai

Fun fact: I have sang “Castle on a cloud” in Welsh for my music exam 😀 and I somehow passed it! ^^

And finally:

“All I did was sTEAL SOME BREAD!”

Drawing to music

Today we were asked to draw to music. I have done this sort of thing often before. I enjoyed doing it but the music was a bit too loud and it was hard to work with.

(I was having difficult photographing the drawings so I just took and edited a lot of those I like the most)

This is one is the group work we did in the afternoon, where I worked with Toran and Joe. My parts are the Spaceman and Spacedog, and (failed) Nebula, I like how the space beings fave turned out and that they’ve turned out more stylised than I usually draw but they’re good, the nebula didn’t work that well, it’s much easier to create that sort of thing with watercolour.

Dragonfly Model

We were asked to make a model for a stop motion animation. I decided to make a dragonfly, because I was inspired by a book I’ve been reading recently and because it seemed like it would be an elegant design to follow.

I really like how it’s turned out and by how it looks, and that I would love to make more. Next time I would use more wire to cover the head and body to make it look better and use a stronger wire, because although it’s pretty and easy to work with, it’s a bit too fragile when it comes to transporting it and when it came to animating it. The only difference between the original design and the final design was that I used crepe paper instead of plastic after it was recommended as I couldn’t find enough of the type of translucent plastic.

The animation; (I can’t show it sorry)

I worked on the animation with Trish, where we made a stop motion animation using a camera and a program called Dragon studio I think. It was an interesting animation and that it turned out well some parts smooth, but it turned out well.

Hopefully I can add a clip of the animation soon.

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