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January 2016

Under Camera final work

Here are some stills from my contribution to the under camera finale:

I think our final animation was okay, the actual drawings are good but I don’t like the idea behind it, we relied to heavily on a video to work from and didn’t push ourselves. Initially our idea was to have out animation in four stages and four different dance styles, this could have gone well, one style for each member, as some weren’t that familiar with ballet and so didn’t want to do that, and that would have been okay, we were going to have them blend from one style to another, and we started to work on that idea but one of the group wouldn’t agree and they wouldn’t listen to what we had to say when we tried to explain things, so to spare any further disagreements and to start the work as this was taking up a lot of our time, it was decided to go with this idea.

Our group was Megan, Ciarán, Joe.


Winter Walk – Illustration

Winter Walk2

These two are Lovell and Dalla from a fantasy story I’ve been working on ^^ Their people have end of year/mid winter festivals where people come together to celebrate the end of the year and that the weather will soon get better. I’m going to be working on this story and world more over this year, I know the things I just need to put it down on paper and have something to show ^^;
I wanted to say more but I’m struggling sorry.

I’ve had this idea for a while but couldn’t quite get the composition/poses working for me until recently. I had it finished a few days ago but I disliked the scan and had to try and do something to make it better.
I want to practice and get better at water colours/traditional illustration so there will be more of these ^^; sorry, but I didn’t have to do much editing with this, so I must be getting somewhere ^^; I also need to get better at drawing/coming up with fantasy animals any tips on improving are always welcomed 😀

Done with water colour, gauche, water colour pencils and a little digital tweaking.

Lovell, Dalla, (+animals) and the art belong to me.

I hope you all like it 😀

Dance poses

Dance poses and studies (+ plus one action bunch)

Drew these as a reference and help for the under camera animation, the computer ones in my own time before the lesson and the traditional one in the lesson. I had a lot of fun drawing these and I want to draw more of these and maybe make something more of them. I made the animations from here based on the action sketches and so I might do something similar to that or a an illustration, I keep on getting ‘Bugsy Malone’ type scenarios in my head when drawing the Charleston. I used to photographs and videos to draw these studies.

Art and the characters belong to me

Illustration task – Victorian Revolution

We were given a little task to create an editorial illustration to a piece of writing we were given, and treat the task as though it was for a real client, and these two at the top where my final designs. I prefer the first one with the girl on it and I think it’s the better of the two but I think that the other one would be the one most likely be in the magazine as it was closest to the other illustrations.

Here are some of the process images:

I really liked working on this task and would like to do it again.

Undercamera Animation

We’re currently doing an undercamera animation workshop working with oil paint, sand and charcoal and we were working in small groups. Our theme is dance and this week we were just experimenting. I can’t really post the videos but I took my snipit of the charcoal animation and looped a bit of it to make it longer and because I didn’t really know where to go with it and I was under time pressure.

Charcoal ballet twirl2


Here are some animations I made at the same time as the gifs in the previous post before christmas;

Azlyn in action2.gif

I like this one but there are some consistency issues

Fire Starter Andre2.gif

This one is my favourite 😀 It’s consistancy and I like the effects I was able to create with it, but the quality is a little lost when exported.

I watched a lot of martial arts gifs to get the movements right and a bit natural.

I had fun doing these and I really shouldn’t leave so much of a gap in between the times I decide to animate.

Animation, art and characters belong to me

I hope you all like it

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