Winter Walk2

These two are Lovell and Dalla from a fantasy story I’ve been working on ^^ Their people have end of year/mid winter festivals where people come together to celebrate the end of the year and that the weather will soon get better. I’m going to be working on this story and world more over this year, I know the things I just need to put it down on paper and have something to show ^^;
I wanted to say more but I’m struggling sorry.

I’ve had this idea for a while but couldn’t quite get the composition/poses working for me until recently. I had it finished a few days ago but I disliked the scan and had to try and do something to make it better.
I want to practice and get better at water colours/traditional illustration so there will be more of these ^^; sorry, but I didn’t have to do much editing with this, so I must be getting somewhere ^^; I also need to get better at drawing/coming up with fantasy animalsΒ any tips on improving are always welcomed πŸ˜€

Done with water colour, gauche, water colour pencils and a little digital tweaking.

Lovell, Dalla, (+animals) and the art belong to me.

I hope you all like it πŸ˜€