Here are some stills from my contribution to the under camera finale:

I think our final animation was okay, the actual drawings are good but I don’t like the idea behind it, we relied to heavily on a video to work from and didn’t push ourselves. Initially our idea was to have out animation in four stages and four different dance styles, this could have gone well, one style for each member, as some weren’t that familiar with ballet and so didn’t want to do that, and that would have been okay, we were going to have them blend from one style to another, and we started to work on that idea but one of the group wouldn’t agree and they wouldn’t listen to what we had to say when we tried to explain things, so to spare any further disagreements and to start the work as this was taking up a lot of our time, it was decided to go with this idea.

Our group was Megan, Ciarán, Joe.