In this unit we did a lot of drawing and observational drawings, that aimed to push our drawing abilities.

We did large portraits of our class mates to get to know them in the beginning on large A2 piece of paper. This was a good warm up and introduction to the course because I am very fond of portrait drawings, but not so much at that scale or at trying to draw it that quickly or with a model that kept on fidgeting, but it turned out quite well, so that shows I can get used to it in time.

We had a day of drawing gestures, ranging from our own hands in various poses to acting out various scenarios, and then drawing them out largely. I didn’t find drawing the figures and gestures all that difficult, I struggled when it came to drawing them on a larger scale. I just have a preference for smaller more compact spaces, I think I can get more of the pose and feel to it down in faster time, and that the proportions won’t become long and out of proportion.

We were given a verity of different objects to draw and we were set times to draw them, trying to get as much details in the work as possible in a short amount of time, we were also told to draw an object blind, without looking at it or the paper and trying to guess what kind of thing it is just by feeling it. I thought they came out quite well. We were also given a small object and told to make some sketches and a illustration based on the object. I liked the work I produced and I think that the illustration idea I came up with could be developed further.

Value drawings were where we had to draw an image just using the value and shading it, and using no lines to show the shape of the objects.

For the location drawing we went to Farnham museum to draw the various objects, and that it was a lot of fun drawing the various exhibits. There were two explore, find and explore tasks, the first was to find interesting objects on a two hour walk around and then draw them, the second was just to draw things we saw around Farnham and there was a list of things that were suggestions to find. I found the second task more enjoy able, but both I found uncomfortable to do, and found quite stressful, but I like the drawings I drew in the end.

Still life we had more objects to draw, but this time we had more time to draw them and to draw them in great detail. I enjoyed drawing this exercise, although it was a bit difficult to draw because of the place they were placed and trying to get it right, because I had to stand up over them and that made things difficult

.The 10cm square drawing where okay, it could have gone better had I use a different medium, as using pencil at that scale is time consuming and made things difficult.

Drawing to music is something I do regularly myself and so found it fun, but it was too loud and it made me really uncomfortable to work in that situation.

We were given a task to create an editorial illustration to a piece of writing we were given, and treat the task as though it was for a real client, and these two at the top where my final designs. I prefer the one with the girl on it and I think it’s the better of the two I made but I think that the other one would be the one most likely be in the magazine as it was closest to the other illustrations. I really liked this task.

For the full size drawing, we were given a description to make a full size drawing based on the description. Drawing on a large scale has become slightly better, but I could still improve with it. I liked the end result but her arms where a bit off.

Editing the life drawings where difficult because there weren’t many I liked or thought were good enough to submit.

Overall I have really enjoyed the drawing and mark making unit.