Our theme for this project was ‘Sustainability’ and I chose to follow down the route of environmentalism, because that has been a topic I had been very interested in when I was younger and have recently become deeply interested in it again.

At first I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to do for my final item. I had the idea of a story for the subject beforehand but I didn’t really have much confidence in myself to do it and that a part of me wanted to do more educational things. I made a tester piece of drawing for the educational side, whilst I did like it, I found I had more enthusiasm for the story as I had begun working on concepts and testers.

The first half of the project I worked mainly on building up concepts and doing research on the subject and making dummy books and trying to work out a story. I found this stages really helpful for the process, like sketching out the pages on little dummy books made it easier to visualise the pages and made it less daunting.

Then I started the process of making the pages, I decided to draw them using watercolour, because it’s something I’ve never done before and because I thought that I would most likely be able to finish them off quicker by doing them traditionally than digitally. Once they were done they needed a little bit of digital editing, as some effects would have only looked good when done digitally and there was a need to correct the scans. Initially was going to use the poster design for the cover, to save time but it didn’t really go well with the rest of the book and I decided I was going to make it again, I had left enough breathing space so I had enough time to do it, and I’m glad I did, because that led me on to get ideas for some of the final designs for the remaining illustrations.

Writing the blurb for the little book was a bit difficult to write and trying to make it interesting because I only have a basic idea of the plot. I posted the blurb online to get the feedback from some friends who are writers.

I really like how the overall final product, and I’m glad that I decided to stick with having printer paper for the main body of the work and kept the card for just the cover, it would have become too bulky otherwise. The colours of the printed item is really bright and came out well, the only problem I had was that there was a problem with the printing, everything were aligned properly on the computer but where all slightly off when they came out and they needed to be trimmed down so that there was as little white boarders as possible.

I really like the final product and the whole world building I put into it in the development, that I would really like to carry on with this project in the future.