We were given the brief of making and showing a collection of things. I decided to go with a collection of memories and moments in the form of booklets.


I made two final pieces – one of general memories and one as a sort of travel diary. I generally like how they have turned out, I should have planned the cover of ‘photo memories’ better so the crease wouldn’t have spoilt it, but it does sort of make it look like and old photo album. I was finding it a little difficult to find things to add to them, as I am a private person and there were things I would rather not share with others but if it where a private project for myself I could have added more items to each book.

Whilst I’m happy with the work, I think they could have been better, because I couldn’t decide on one, I had to split my time between the two of them. If I where to do it again, for the ‘Photo Memories’ I would have done more photos and re-make some photos, and for ‘Barcelona – Travel diary’ I would have liked to add more things into it and re-draw some of the drawings – maybe making the booklet a bigger size would have helped and that I am going to make similar travel diaries for other and future trips for myself.