We were asked to make a model for a stop motion animation. I decided to make a dragonfly, because I was inspired by a book I’ve been reading recently and because it seemed like it would be an elegant design to follow.

I really like how it’s turned out and by how it looks, and that I would love to make more. Next time I would use more wire to cover the head and body to make it look better and use a stronger wire, because although it’s pretty and easy to work with, it’s a bit too fragile when it comes to transporting it and when it came to animating it. The only difference between the original design and the final design was that I used crepe paper instead of plastic after it was recommended as I couldn’t find enough of the type of translucent plastic.

The animation; (I can’t show it sorry)

I worked on the animation with Trish, where we made a stop motion animation using a camera and a program called Dragon studio I think. It was an interesting animation and that it turned out well some parts smooth, but it turned out well.

Hopefully I can add a clip of the animation soon.