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Life Drawing

Life drawing

These are some of my life drawings, we were trying to draw harsh lighting on the body. One with pencil and other in charcoal.

I really enjoy life drawing, because I think it’s something important artists should learn. Animator Richard Williams says that if a artists drawing fundamentals are strong, then they have the versatility to go in all different directions. He is passionate about this and that it upsets him that art students don’t really learn it that much anymore and can’t stress enough how important it is, especially to animation. What we want to achieve isn’t realism, but believability!  I also like it because it’s always been one of the only things I’ve ever been good at and that I still have a lot to learn still 🙂 It’s tiring to do all day and I’d rather draw sitting with the board on my lap, but I still enjoy it a lot.

The only down side is that we only get two lessons this year, and I don’t think we will be getting anymore now, which is a really big shame, as I think it could help me a lot with getting more movement and accuracy in my work – even when I’m trying to stylise more. Our life drawing tutor, Tessa, is really encouraging and helpful, she is also really nice as well, which helps those who find the lessons difficult.


Life Drawing 3

This weeks model was called Barry. We worked mainly with charcoal and ink.

The image above was made on primed paper and then covered in charcoal, then using a rubber, I rubbed out a drawing of the model. I’ve done similar things before, but nothing like this, I like how it’s turned out and I think it’s turned out well.

Life Drawing 2

2nd week of life drawing, the model that week was Mick. I only have a few drawings due not being there for the whole session, due to ill health.


Close up of some very quick gesture drawings, done in Charcoal and pencil. I liked drawing these but I ran out of room and I didn’t want to over lap.DSC02287

A few quick figure drawings done in pen, charcoal, and pencil.

Both of these were done on A2 paper.

Life Drawing

These photos are from our first life drawing lesson. Our model on that day was Maurice.IMG_1996This was done on A2 paper and in charcoal using our non-dominant hand, which for me would be the left. It’s not as detailed as it would have been with my right hand but I like how it’s turned out and that it looks more or less correct. I didn’t find it that difficult because I’ve broken my right arm on numerous occasions so I can use my left fairly well.


These are work done in my little sketch book, the top two is of our model and they were done in the lesson, bottom one is work I did at home and they’re of various parts of my own anatomy.

I really enjoy life drawing classes, and I look forward to more, but I didn’t enjoy the crowded room and having to work on other peoples work.

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