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Mark making

Made from a mark


(Portraits in different ways – Me, 2 of Eloise and Sophie)


(Collage based on one of our drawings – only using basic shapes and then using the collage character in a drawing)

A workshop where we did a lot of quick drawing to try and draw using different techniques.

I enjoyed the workshop, as we got to do a lot of portraits and that I do a lot of portraits, even though I had to draw a self-portrait of myself. I didn’t really learn anything new from it. We had to do a collage for the last part, whilst it turned out fairly okay, I still don’t like making collages.


Dance poses

Dance poses and studies (+ plus one action bunch)

Drew these as a reference and help for the under camera animation, the computer ones in my own time before the lesson and the traditional one in the lesson. I had a lot of fun drawing these and I want to draw more of these and maybe make something more of them. I made the animations from here based on the action sketches and so I might do something similar to that or a an illustration, I keep on getting ‘Bugsy Malone’ type scenarios in my head when drawing the Charleston. I used to photographs and videos to draw these studies.

Art and the characters belong to me

Drawing to music

Today we were asked to draw to music. I have done this sort of thing often before. I enjoyed doing it but the music was a bit too loud and it was hard to work with.

(I was having difficult photographing the drawings so I just took and edited a lot of those I like the most)

This is one is the group work we did in the afternoon, where I worked with Toran and Joe. My parts are the Spaceman and Spacedog, and (failed) Nebula, I like how the space beings fave turned out and that they’ve turned out more stylised than I usually draw but they’re good, the nebula didn’t work that well, it’s much easier to create that sort of thing with watercolour.

Location Drawings

We were sent out to do location drawings of our surroundings, with a list of prompts to help us. I think I should have drawn more, but I was finding it difficult to draw out in the open, but of the few I like how they’ve turned out.

The sketches:

Stamp Printing

We had a workshop making stamps with rubbers. We were given some rubbers to carve a shape out with a scalpel. We would make a sketch and then transfer it onto the rubber, to make it easier to carve out. I enjoyed doing these stamps, it was a relaxing process to do, I couldn’t carve the stamp all that tidily so it took me a bit longer to do it and to make it look right and good enough for me.

We were given the task to make a little book in groups and make little prints in them. The group I was in we had the natural world to work with. I really liked the theme and I’m glad we got it.

These are the two little pages I made, one with footprints of various kinds and some text to show co-inhabiting the planet and that we should look after it, I think I should  have made another human foot as it would look better and I think it could have looked better on a bigger scale. The second one is a simple silhouette of birds on a wire in front of a blue sky, it was made from a single long rubber, if I were to make it again I would have a second or more stamps with more birds to add verity. This one was my favourite and I would like to make it bigger.

Stamp art (1) Stamp art (2)

Value Drawings

In this class we worked on value drawings. We used a B pencil.Value studies (1)

We were asked to draw a sphere and chose a light source for it and then draw it, without using any lines, we were aloud to have a gentle out line as a guide. The same thing with this next drawing, we were asked to recreate the drawing that was on a hand out, and I really like how it turned out.

Value studies (2)

but I do miss my scanner, I might upload better photos when I can.

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