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Dance with me – animation

Dance with me.gif

You know maybe one day I will make a nice proper animation

Yeah this was an impromptu little animation so I had no real idea of where I was going with this, I was just in the mood for animating and didn’t have anything else going on ^^; There are some inconsistency problems, but I’m slowly getting better at keeping it constant. I’m sorry if the text is going too quickly, again it was something I was just playing around with to give them a voice 🙂 Also a thanks to Kasey Hall for giving me some feedback 😀

So it’s a little animation of my oc’s Dai and Mia as little kids just interacting and stuff, I would like to make more animations and make them more of a regular thing but I have other things to do most of the time ^^;

Art(animation) and characters belong to me

I hope you all like them 😀


I’ll be posting uni work again soon 🙂



Self portrait.png

Needed a new ID (Doing a self-portrait is becoming a yearly thing XD – *looks at past years self-portraits and screams silently into the void*)

Maybe for next years ID I’ll make something more fun or meaningful ^^;

I bought Clip Studio Paint when it was sale before Christmas but only recently got a chance to download it, and this is the first thing I’ve drawn on it. So far so good, I’ll keep working with it to see what more I can do it, but I still like Paint tool sai 😀 and I’ll keep using it for certain stuff ^^

(Also as a note – this is about as accurately as I am willingly going to draw myself, not that I’m unable to but I’d rather not)

I hope you all like it 😀

Drawing Prompts

Otherwise known as the nonsense I draw in my spare time :/

These are some prompts from the draw the squad meme

I’m just going to leave them here and not explain myself I want to draw more, please someone stop me

the characters all belong to me.

original image links

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Valentines Drawings

Valentine Owl.jpg

I  like Valentines day and all, I just don’t really do much for it, but I like drawing cute , sweet and coupley things so I should try and get some confidence in doing so ^^

The owl is a gift for myself XD

These are my sketches of an idea I had but didn’t have enough time to do them all, but I might finish them or do something similar for next year ^^


here is a link to one I did finish though ^^

I hope you all like it and I hope you all have a wonderful day, whether you celebrate it or not 🙂

Burning Up – Doctor Who

Burning up.jpg


I’ve wanted to do some Doctor who fan art for a very long time now, and I’ve always liked the glowy Doctor Who fan art I’ve seen around and I want to do more with my other favourite Doctors and maybe draw another David Tennant one because I would like to not cry as much as I did during this one DX

I got the idea for this with his quote to Rose on ‘Doomsday’ – “I’m burning up a sun just to say good bye.” and that the regeneration (“I don’t want to go”) process looks like they’re burning up and being consumed by the energy. (They’re the saddest scenes for me, them and anything to do with Wilf :tears:)  I really loved those earlier series 🙂

So yeah, I’m trying to do more fan art of the things, so I thought I’d start with my beloved “Doctor Who” for which there has been alarmingly little fan art from me ^^; just next time, something more happier 😀

Here are some warm up sketches I did in preparation to drawing
Tenny sketches.jpg
I used his face from here to go on, I know he doesn’t cry in this scene I did though, but he does in the beach scene in ‘Doomsday’ and they are kinda mash of the two scenes >.>; sorry

I really hope you guys all like it 🙂

Art belongs to me
Doctor Who belongs to the BBC

Winter Walk – Illustration

Winter Walk2

These two are Lovell and Dalla from a fantasy story I’ve been working on ^^ Their people have end of year/mid winter festivals where people come together to celebrate the end of the year and that the weather will soon get better. I’m going to be working on this story and world more over this year, I know the things I just need to put it down on paper and have something to show ^^;
I wanted to say more but I’m struggling sorry.

I’ve had this idea for a while but couldn’t quite get the composition/poses working for me until recently. I had it finished a few days ago but I disliked the scan and had to try and do something to make it better.
I want to practice and get better at water colours/traditional illustration so there will be more of these ^^; sorry, but I didn’t have to do much editing with this, so I must be getting somewhere ^^; I also need to get better at drawing/coming up with fantasy animals any tips on improving are always welcomed 😀

Done with water colour, gauche, water colour pencils and a little digital tweaking.

Lovell, Dalla, (+animals) and the art belong to me.

I hope you all like it 😀

Dance poses

Dance poses and studies (+ plus one action bunch)

Drew these as a reference and help for the under camera animation, the computer ones in my own time before the lesson and the traditional one in the lesson. I had a lot of fun drawing these and I want to draw more of these and maybe make something more of them. I made the animations from here based on the action sketches and so I might do something similar to that or a an illustration, I keep on getting ‘Bugsy Malone’ type scenarios in my head when drawing the Charleston. I used to photographs and videos to draw these studies.

Art and the characters belong to me


Here are some animations I made at the same time as the gifs in the previous post before christmas;

Azlyn in action2.gif

I like this one but there are some consistency issues

Fire Starter Andre2.gif

This one is my favourite 😀 It’s consistancy and I like the effects I was able to create with it, but the quality is a little lost when exported.

I watched a lot of martial arts gifs to get the movements right and a bit natural.

I had fun doing these and I really shouldn’t leave so much of a gap in between the times I decide to animate.

Animation, art and characters belong to me

I hope you all like it

Les Mis Sketches

(drew these a few days ago and thought I’d post it here, linked in with the draw to music post)

I’ve watched clips and songs from “Les Miserable” on repeat for the past few days ^^; and so I was inspired to draw these, based on one of my favourite songs, ‘One day more’ but with some of my characters. Alaine as Cosette, Dai as Marius and Andre as Enjolras. I only did ‘one day more’ because I don’t know which of my characters would be the other characters.

I chose Andre as Enjolras because, they’re both patriotic. Andre is not French, he’s Tahitian (French Polynesian) and his mother is French-Nigerian so he is many shades of French XD I chose Dai as Marius because they’re both sweet and that in the film Enjolras and Marius seem to be good friends, but Dai and Andre are even better friends, best friends 😀 I don’t think that my characters are a perfect fit for those parts, but I had fun doing this.

I tried out a few new techniques on all of these and drawings.

I used screenshots for this as something of a simple study, and I like how it’s turned out, much better than I thought it would do.

One Day More  - Les Mis AU!Alaine and Dai

I tried a blockier type of colouring to try and be quick and I wanted to try this composition, and I quite like how it’s turned out, but I think I’d use a different kind of brush next time and that I might change Andres pose a little, make it more dynamic.


One Day More - Les Mis AU!Andre and Dai

Fun fact: I have sang “Castle on a cloud” in Welsh for my music exam 😀 and I somehow passed it! ^^

And finally:

“All I did was sTEAL SOME BREAD!”

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